Monica Powell, What I learned from attending a Gender Inclusive Tech Conference (2017)

Powell's item #2 tells you about a workshop I led at Ela Conf, called Finding Your Voice in Tech.

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Seventies Something (2007)

Judith Warner's persisent engagement with the Daring Book for Girls, and the conversation she sparked with it in the NYTimes. 

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Kiddie Class Struggle (2005)

An example from the Atlantic of the published conversations we were having in the early 2000s about motherhood. Review article by Sandra Tsing Loh.

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Interview with Mamazine (2005)

One of many I did at the time, around political issues of motherhood, and workplace equity, whether the work is paid or not. This theme has connected all my work, whether the workplace and knowledge is that of parenting, or as in my most recent work, technology and code.  I did several interviews around the publication of Truth Behind the Mommy Wars, often in one of the very popular new websites, digital magazines and blogs that were springing up around the topic. 

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Interview with Literary Mama, 2005.

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Just in case ...

you think I'm an extraordinary person never capable of being poorly quoted in the press, I've included this article, in which I have something barely articulate to say about toads. 

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